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About Us

Since 2002 NGR has provided a simple, secure and streamlined online business register for growers throughout Australia. Our service has revolutionised how the industry interacts – reducing administration and duplication for growers and data subscribers across the supply chain.

One Card Delivers A Powerful Service

For  over  a  decade,  Growers  from  across  Australia  have  trusted  us  to  store  and  maintain  their  business  and  contact  details.  We  never  release  details  to  anyone  other  than  business  networks  that  Growers  have  given  their  NGR  card  details  to.

  • Register 100% and Share Farming business arrangements
  • Friendly and responsive service through a local service centre
  • Free of charge
  • One secure place to easily maintain business and contact details
  • Trusted solution built for the industry

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One Service To Access Up To Date Data With Confidence

Our  Data  Subscribers  know  there’s  one  trusted  place  to  source  the  Grower  information  they  need    NGR. offer data retrieval options to seamlessly integrate into business processes – from manual downloads, to integration into current software platforms.

  • Single source for all Grower data across Australia
  • Cost savings in outsourcing data management
  • Accessible When and How it is needed
  • Confidence in the data quality
  • Seamless integration into existing processes and software

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Thank you for your support

Thank you to all NGR Users who have completed their Annual Verification for 2018.

By updating your details with NGR we have been able to make a donation totalling $2,985.40 to the Aussie Helpers drought appeal on your behalf.

This great organisation directly supports Australian farmers affected by the drought.

Keeping your data and you safe is a win-win with NGR

Login to your NGR account location details by 31 January 2018 and automatically go into the draw to win a personal GPS safety beacon.

Boost the benefits of your NGR account and remove any hassle when your buyers and transport companies need to find you.

Allows for optimising delivery site availability

Assists buyers in allocating resources to your area

Assists transport companies scheduling and resourcing.

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